Our Wedding Day – 27/05/2017

19399200_10214127271915716_6938642385296882928_nGood Evening everyone,

On the 27th May 2017 I married my best friend. We had been planning our big day for over 700 days and I just couldn’t believe how quick the time went, especially the first half of 2017. Everything was just absolutely perfect and we could not be happier.

It’s safe to say a couple of months running up to the wedding I was completely overwhelmed and a stressed out mess, I had emails coming from all the vendors and so many decisions to make – and decision making is not my strong point. We were fortunate enough to have my wonderful family around us to help make those big decisions. Luckily, we also had a wedding planner from our venue called Kayleigh and I cannot even put into words how amazing she had been through the process, every little detail I put forward she arranged for me and on the day she ensured everything ran smoothly so that I didn’t even feel a slight bit stressed.

The bridal party and myself stayed at the venue the night before – it was a beautiful open plan apartment, fitted with a sauna and hot tub. It’s safe to say I didn’t sleep too well the night before, it definitely didn’t help that the weather had been sunny and the temperature was boiling! I finally decided at 5:30am that I wasn’t getting anymore sleep and got up to make a cup of hot water and lemon. Around 6am everyone else had joined me in the living room as we all had the same problem of no sleep! Through the whole process, I think I felt the least amount of stress and anxiety on the actual morning of the wedding (which is so strange), even when the videographer, hairdresser, make up artist and photographer turned up, I was still sitting in my pyjamas just SO excited for 2pm to arrive.

2pm did arrive (finally) and I walked out of the apartment with my bridesmaids and my father, who gave me away. As I was walking down the isle I felt emotions that I cannot even begin to explain, finally, after all the planning, tears and excitement it was FINALLY our time to get married. As I was around half way down the isle I looked up and saw Jake crying his eyes out, we had a running joke throughout the planning of our wedding that he wouldn’t cry because he just doesn’t get emotional very often and I definitely didn’t expect that reaction! We had the most incredible registrar, he put both our minds at ease and made all our guests laugh with his jokes. The ceremony was over after about 20 minutes – which suited me as I was DYING for a glass of prosecco.

The sun was shining and it was about 25 degrees, however the wind was pretty brutal – at one point my veil slipped out of my hair and flew onto the roof, I had a few of my friends screaming ‘GET THE VEIL’ and ‘NOOOOOO!!’, luckily the staff at the venue grabbed a ladder and got it down for me.

Our meal was absolutely incredible and the speeches were just so emotional, my Dad and Jake both shed a tear during theirs and as I looked around the room I could see people with their tissues brushing away their tears. Jake’s best men were his brothers, Lewis and Connor. Lewis had the responsibility of the speech, and I genuinely felt nervous for him, he isn’t a public speaker and never has been, it was his first experience doing anything like this – he definitely didn’t disappoint, he had the guests roaring with laughter with his punch lines.

Then came the evening – drinks were in full force and everyone was excited for a dance. We had my bridesmaid’s band, Sophie G and The Good Times playing and they were amazing at getting all the guests dancing. I got dragged up to sing a song too, luckily I had had way too many wines so I wasn’t nervous – I just sung my heart out. Our day finally ended at around 1:30am as the last guests left the venue after a ridiculous amount of alcohol consumption.

I really could go on for ages about how incredible our day was and how all the little details just made our day absolutely perfect, Jake and I are both still so overwhelmed and on cloud 9 after having our day with all of our favourite people sharing it with us. We received our wedding video a few days ago and had a special viewing with myself, Jake and my parents and it’s safe to say we were all crying after about 5 minutes. I feel like the only way I can finish this post is with our wedding highlights from the video – nothing can sum up our happiness like the smiles we have on our faces in this video:


I will be sure to put up a few more posts surrounding the wedding such as; our favourite photographs (once we receive them) and a few tips that I would give to a bride-to-be.

Thanks for reading,

Victoria GRAY





Hello guys,

Now going back to around June 2016 me and Jake officially purchased our first property together and on 28th October 2016 we completed on the apartment and moved in the week after.

It was a tough period as not only did we have things to sort out with our new place we also had a lot going on in our personal lives that had complicated the whole process. We felt so emotional when the keys were placed in our hands as we had worked so hard to get to this point and felt a massive accomplishment.

We are slowly but surely getting there with decor however the place does feel a bit bare now our Christmas decorations have been taken down. Here are some pictures from the day we completed and I will be sure to do a tour of the apartment once the decor has been sorted and we FINALLY have pictures on the wall!


Thanks for reading,

Tori Moore xoxo


What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello lovlies,

I cannot believe that Christmas was already 2 weeks ago, I can tell this year is going to go just as fast as 2016. Anyway, I love reading posts on what people got for Christmas as it gives me inspiration on what to buy other people for any upcoming birthdays or special occasions. A lot of the items I was bought for Christmas have either been put away or eaten so I have just captured the presents that I had around.

First of all is what I got from Jake. He spoilt me rotten again this year, as he always does. Without going into massive amounts of detail the present’s that he bought me are below. The most special one being the tattoo voucher, my favourite tattoo artist in Norwich works at ‘Ink Addiction’ and he had remembered the times that I’d mentioned how I’d love her to do my first tattoo.


Below were the two main presents from my parents. It makes me laugh when I think back to Christmas day and how excited I was when I opened these presents, they are such Adult things to get excited over but they are 100% the best items we could have asked for and they have absolutely transformed our apartment.

I had to show you guys this candy sushi, it was from Jake’s Nan and Grandad and I just thought it was awesome!


I was incredibly lucky this Christmas and I never take for granted how generous my friends and family are.

Let me know what you got for Christmas!

Tori Moore xoxo

Hen do planning

Hello loves,

A post that I am super excited to be writing, hen do planning is well underway. After a lot of thought and recommendations I finally decided that my destination of choice is Brighton. I’ve never been and what persuaded me to go there is the day time activities as well as the good night life, it has a really good balance and the thought of fresh sea air when we’re all hanging sounds amazing.


There are 11 of us going, so at the moment we’re looking at renting a full apartment that sleeps us all in. I’ve been told the only part of the hen do I can be involved in is the transport and accommodation, after that they’re chucking me out of the group chat and I won’t know anything they’re planning, which is a very scary thought.

I cannot believe how quick this year is going, I feel so unprepared for the wedding but at the same time I can’t think of anything else to book at the moment. It’s a busy time of our lives at the moment and although it’s stressful I am really determined to enjoy every minute.

I’ll be sure to update you on the next exciting wedding related project!

Tori Moore xoxo



Morphe 35T palette review

Hello lovlies,

I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks, no major reason behind it, I’ve just been super busy and haven’t had much inspiration but I’m hoping now life has calmed down a bit that I’ll be able to put a lot more time aside for my blog posts.

This post is another review of an eye shadow palette, it is the Morphe 35t. I have wanted a Morphe palette for a while and had been eyeing this one up for the past month or so. I was a little sceptical on this palette as a lot of pictures that I saw, the shades looked really similar and I wondered if it was a bit of a waste of money. I ended up buying the palette after figuring that I could never have enough rose gold/brown toned shades, as that’s all I usually wear anyway.


I took a picture of the eye shadows in the sun light so you can see the glitter/shimmer in some of the colours. It has an impressive mix of shimmer, metallic, satin and matte shades. You can produce a nice subtle eye as well as a full out glam look and that is something I really like in a palette. The formula of the eye shadows is very creamy, which makes applying these an absolute dream.

Lastly, the price, I cannot begin to describe how good value for money this palette is. I got it off Beauty Bay  and it cost £18.25 with free delivery, there are 35 shades so this works out to 52p a shade. The palette arrived 2 days after placing the order so if you’re ever wondering whether to make a purchase on Beauty Bay, I would definitely recommend the service.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of the Morphe products, is there anything else you think I’d love?

Tori Moore xoxo



Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette..

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know I’m pretty late to this one but I wanted to write a post on my thoughts of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette. I purchased this palette about a month ago, from Debenhams for £39.

All of the colours in this palette are super wearable and after using this palette pretty much everyday since I bought it I have created lots of different looks and managed to use every shade, there is a nice variation of shimmers and mattes. My favourite shades have to be Haute Chocolate, Marzipan and Black Forest Truffle.

The palette is inspired by Too Faced’s Chocolate Bronzers, with the added bonus of the products ACTUALLY smelling of chocolate. Sometimes that can be overwhelming at 6:30am when you’re getting ready for work, but it’s a really unique trait.

Another thing I love about the product is the large mirror it comes with along the top, I really like my palettes to have a mirror as they’re super handy for when you’re on the go.

Let me know if you have this product, and if you’d recommend anything else from Too Faced as I’m pretty new to the brand.

Tori Moore xoxo




Liebster Nomination..

This is the first time I’ve been nominated for one of these so here goes…..


Who Nominated Me?

The amazing Simply Tyonna nominated me, check out her blog!

Questions I Was Asked..

1. What was your first car?

Corey the Corsa! Loved my battered and blue baby

2. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to document the most exciting moments in my life and I feel like when I’m buying a home, getting married and starting new adventures, it’s a pretty good place to begin!

3. Do you have any celebrity crushes? If so, who?

I have  a lot of celeb crushes, some guilty crushes, like Philip Schofield and some no denying crushes like Drake, Josh Franceschi and Kellin Quinn.

4. Name one place you would like to live?

My heart will always be in Norwich, where I live now, but If I was to chose anywhere else it would have to be Italy. It’s one of my favourite countries to visit.

5. Do you have a favorite t.v. show? If so, what is it?

I go through phases, at the moment I’m loving Orphan Black and Bates Motel. I’m also super excited for the come back of both Orange is the new black and Pretty little liars in June!

6. What is your favorite restaurant?

I love the restaurant Coast 2 Coast, but it really depends on what I fancy. Nando’s is also one of my favourites!

7. Where is your dream vacation?

I’d say my dream vacation is what we’ve planned for our honeymoon, we’re off to Florida and may even possibly go on the Disney cruise! (I’m still trying to win Jake over on that one)

8. Target or Wal Mart?

Only ever been to Wal Mart whilst visiting America so it’ll have to be there.

9. What was your first job and did you like it?

My first job was working in a local cafe, it was hard work but I loved it. I met some amazing people there and they’ve taught me life skills that I never would have learned otherwise.

10. Are you the oldest or youngest in the family?

I’m the third child of four.

10 Facts About Me..

1 – I have a mole on my ear which I was born with and I’m soon to get it surgically removed

2 – I studied in a music college for 2 years and have been in various bands

3 – My favourite thing to do is go to gigs

4 – I love dark/crime/murder documentaries and films

5 – I currently work for an Insurance company

6 – Urban Decay is my favourite high-end beauty brand

7 – Even at 21, I’m still trying to find the perfect skincare products – HELP ME!

8 – My favourite is rose gold (if that even counts as a colour, if not then it’s blush pink)

9 – Me and my family are very close and share everything together

10 – I have the best fiancé a girl could ever wish for!

Questions I Ask You..

1. Do you have a favorite book?

2. If you are a reader, do you prefer kindle or paperback books?

3. Do you prefer the winter or summer? Why?

4. Where would your dream holiday be?

5. If you were a super hero or supervillain, what would your powers be?

6. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

7. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done? If not, what is the most extreme thing you would like to do?

8. Do you have a nickname? If so, how did get it?

9. What is your motivation, what keeps you going?

10. Do you have any four legged friends? If not, would you ever consider getting one?

Blogs I Nominate.. (I’m only doing 5 as I’m still trying to find more people to follow on here)

Shannon Marie Blogs (My real life bestie)

Laura Bezants 




Good Luck girls and congratulations on the nomination!

Tori Moore xoxo